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Sapa sampah?

dah naik sebulan dah….cuaca kat Mesia ni panas ya raabi….tak tahan dol…..ngn jerebu la…itu la ini la….smlm mmg aku tak tahan panas cuaca kt sini….especially kt M.Tanah ni….ya Allah tuhan aje la yg tau….

Yang masih membingungkan aku….Jerebu makin teruk….tapi masih orang baka sampah…mcm nk gile….unbelievably every 300 metres ada orang bakar sampah!

Semalam hari Bakar Sampah Sedunia ke?


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Posted on nufc.com – On Michael Owen – Chopper Boy

Feel free to take your gissa job brochure, your helicopter, your equine fixation and your miserable face to anywhere daft enough to employ you. We’re already looking forward to your duet on the KC Stadium pitch with Phil Brown…

Don’t think that this criticism has anything to do with your fading talents as a footballer though – no, our beef with you remains the four years-worth of utter contempt shown to the people who bought the shirts, seats and subscriptions that funded your lavish lifestyle.

At least people like Joey Barton go through the motions of badge-kissing and patronising the punters. You couldn’t even be bothered to do that, spending your time on Tyneside with a face like a smacked arse, interspersed with brief interludes of sucking lemons.

Your skin may be thick but it’ll never be as thick as your wallet. Don’t feel bad about us though – we’d have only blown the tens of millions of pounds that went into your offshore accounts on other ungrateful pillocks.

No shame, no guts, no soul, but a bulging portfolio. Role model? my arse. You put the con in Icon.

Reaction to this….
my my my i wonder how ud thank the club for all the great 4 years uve been ere….great? is staying unfit and becoming fat great to you? a muther fuckin 75 appearances til e 2008/09 season is 4 great years ud say? Arriving in ur chopper for trainin shows how great ur life was…great my ass!

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Newcastle United’s fixture list for 2009/201 —- road to promotion!

Coca Cola Championship 2009/10:

August 2009
8 West Brom (A)
15 Reading (H)
19 Sheff Wed (H)
22 Crystal Palace (A)
w/c 24 League Cup 2
29 Leicester (H)
September 2009
5 internationals
12 Cardiff (A)
15 Blackpool (A)
19 Plymouth (H)
26 Ipswich (A)
30 QPR (H)
October 2009
3 Bristol City (H)
10 internationals
17 Nottm Forest (A)
20 Scunthorpe (A)
24 Doncaster (H)
31 Sheff Utd (A)
November 2009
7 Peterborough (H)
14 internationals
21 Preston (A)
28 Swansea (H)
December 2009
5 Watford (H)
8 Coventry (A)
12 Barnsley (A)
19 Middlesbrough (H)
26 Sheff Wed (A)
28 Derby (H)
January 2010
2 FA Cup 3
9 Reading (A)
16 West Brom (H)
23 FA Cup 4
27 Crystal Palace (H)
30 Leicester (A)
February 2010
6 Cardiff (H)
9 Derby (A)
13 Swansea (A)
17 Coventry (H)
20 Preston (H)
27 Watford (A)
March 2010
6 Barnsley (H)
13 Middlesbrough (A)
17 Scunthorpe (H)
20 Bristol City (A)
23 Doncaster (A)
27 Nottm Forest (H)
April 2010
3 Peterborough (A)
5 Sheff Utd (H)
10 Blackpool (H)
17 Plymouth (A)
24 Ipswich (H)

Jeles aaa korang….korang tak slalu lawan team gini kan? peh2 tak slalu main 48 game satu season kan? kekekekekekekeke………….

Fixture list is out…..tapi manager takde lagi…..nate btol la

May 2010
2 QPR (A)
22 Playoff Final (N)

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Johny Comes Lately back on stage.........

It’s been a while…and we’re back on track….

Skankin to the Skarnage….JohnyComesLately back on stage!

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Something tells me that i’m going to be stuck here forever. Hahaha…sounds like ive had a terifying experience being here…my workplace i mean. I’m not actually used to being far apart from my family..which clearly is unacceptable because i’m 25 and i have a stable job (i suppose so…) and i’m supposed to be married in a few months time. I wonder why i’m feeling this way…Is it because of the stress i get from work? hahaha…I’m itching and can’t wait to get my ass out of here…one particular reason why is because i feel threatened…threatened at the fact that some of my friends have completed their post-graduate courses….some of them are in-process of completing…and some starting…while silly old me? still at the same place i’ve been for the last one year. With my wedding coming around in January…(gosh….i’m getting married) and my job (which has not been confirmed since!), i guess it makes me wonder even more and more from day to day.¬† I can’t seem to figure out the system here ( my workplace…as if korang tak tau?!) too.

It makes me wonder from time to time….am i still here because i have to? or is it the other way around?

either way…it’s making my future plans rather indecisive i’d say…..and it looks like i’m staying here forever..

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A fuckin cunt i say he is….

Pukimak sial babi punye M.Ashley cibai…

bodo bangang kau pegi jual the club publicly….

and allowing the buyers to purchase via e-mail?!

No love for the club at all!

Fuck u London Cockney bastard!

Ur not Geordie enough to stay…

Fuck off cockney cunt!

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Aku mahu sebuah djembe….harapan ku adalah…tunang¬† ku yang cantik lagi rupawan lagi penyayang membelikannya apabila dia terjumpa di Bandung, Indonesia….hadoi…aku mahu djembe…


bongo sudah koyak skinnya….aku mahu djembe…pula….

tapi best gak kalau la..dpt full percussion set….!

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